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10 Key Features of HackNo's MDR Cyber Security Solution

HackNo deploys systems that combine essential security capabilities needed for effective MDR Cyber Security from a single operating system, visible from a single pane of glass.

Key features of HackNo’ solution include asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, network intrusion detection (NIDS), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and SIEM event correlation and log management. Combined, HackNo’s features and staff capabilities combine to provide advanced threat detection and response.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security solution provides cloud security monitoring for IaaS (AWS®, Azure) and SaaS environments (Office 365, G Suite™, Okta, and Box), using APIs to continuously collect data from those environments. Backed up by extensive threat intelligence to address advanced threats before they become problematic for your business.

HackNo’s SOC operates 24/7 to provide proactive alarm monitoring. HackNo’s Security Analysts review every alarm, removing noise, non-actionable alarms and false positives, so focus can be applied to actual threats.

HackNo’s analysts perform in-depth incident investigations to provide responders, as determined by the Incident Response Plan with timely, effective recommendations for containment of threats and remediation actions to ensure safe systems operations.

HackNo augments with your team by undertaking in-depth, auditable trail, investigations into actionable alarms, escalating based on the Incident Response Plan to respond quickly and effectively to any identified security incident.

An auditable trail of threat intelligence, related alarms and events, conclusions, relevant files and response recommendations provides you with a consolidated view of the incident.

Backed up by HackNo’s 24/7 SOC, HackNo’s team are available to provide support. HackNo however goes beyond the standard MDR Cyber Security solution and can even undertake incident response as determined by your Incident Response Plan using HackNo’s built in security orchestration and automation capabilities.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security solution deploys powerful security orchestration and automation capabilities to drive incident investigation and response reducing time to response reducing exposure to potential threats.

HackNo’s Unified Security Management system includes over 300 app integrations with widely used IT, security, and business productivity tools including Box, Cisco Umbrella™, and Palo Alto Networks®. HackNo’s Unified Security Management system, app integrations and deployed technology allows automated incident response actions towards networks, devices and other integrated security controls for significantly improved response times, minimising threats and maximising productivity.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security solution is entirely transparent. Our customers have access to the same web based portal as our SOC analysts. If needed our SOC analysts are also available via phone, email and slack.

HackNo is primarily driven to provide a premium MDR Cyber Security solution, as such, HackNo sets stringent SLA’s starting at 5min for a Category 1, Critical Issue.

HackNo’s analysts set monthly meetings with clients to:

– review all investigations and incident response activities.

– review service metrics related to agreed SLAs to ensure HackNo can maintain delivery of the client’s security program objectives.

– anticipate future needs and meet clients ongoing expectations in a dynamic environment.

HackNo supports client’s (PCI, NIST CSF, HIPAA, ISO 27001) compliance reporting requirements with pre-built reporting templates.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security solution includes long term log storage, including raw log retention in a highly secure environment.

If you have a compliance need, HackNo’s commissionable platform can meet your need.

The backbone of any MDR Cyber Security is the Threat Intelligence that the MDR Cyber Security solution is built upon.

With diverse sources including 1/3 of global internet traffic, deployed sensors combined and an Open Threat Exchange that includes 80,000 participants in 140 countries HackNo’s Threat Intelligence is continuously updated with the best available intelligence on emerging and evolving threats.

Intelligence is useful but how intelligence is deployed is equally important. HackNo’s partnered intelligence systems go deeper, analysing the Tools, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) used by threat actors so we can respond to threats as they move when low level identification such as IP’s have been exposed.

Continuously updated Threat Intelligence is used by HackNo to perform high level automated threat detection and response, far beyond standard MDR Cyber Security solutions.

HackNo’s SOC team deploys scanners and undertakes to understand your environment, security and compliance requirements and sets out the Incident Response Plan, tuning to your requirements within 30 days. With HackNo you can have a premium, highly effective MDR Cyber Security solution in place, fast.

HackNo deploys MDR Cyber Security so as to minimise ingestion, saving your budget.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security solution is designed to be scalable, to meet your business needs now as well as into the future. You can increase your ingestion or coverage at any time, without complex contract changes.

HackNo’s services are based on injection and data retained, you are not restrained by assets, environments or the number of employees you have. HackNo is truly scalable and adaptable to your future needs.

Common Questions about MDR Cyber Security

MDR Cyber Security stands for Managed Detection and Response, Cyber Security.

MDR Cyber Security is a service that is an IT cyber security service that detects intrusions, malware, and malicious activity in your network and assists in rapid response to eliminate and mitigate those threats.

Quality MDR Cyber Security services, like HackNo’s, have a very light footprint on your network and use a combination of human analysts and technology to eliminate false positives, identify real security threats, and develop incident responses in real time.

While the average time across industries to detect a compromised asset is close to 198 days, MDR Cyber Security typically reduces that to hours, and therefore minimizes the impact of a security event.

It depends on your industry as to when you may choose to obtain MDR Cyber Security, however a a guide any organisation that has ten or more staff consider MDR Cyber Security as your business will become a target for hackers or cyber criminals, more commonly known as threat actors.

The clearest need for MDR Cyber Security is among organisations that have a regulatory requirement to provide effective detection and response (healthcare, financial services, etc.), yet have no fully-staffed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Many organisations outsource MDR Cyber Security to HackNo to outsource recruitment and retention of talented staff, or indeed to access talent they may otherwise struggle to maintain. Cost however is a big driver, solutions such as HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security costing much less than an equivalent in house solution would.

HackNo is here to assist, even if you are unsure, reach out.

Cyber Security doesn’t have to be complex, however as an industry we have made it this way.

The trick is to watch out for sales agents claiming a product is more than it is, or even calling a product something that it is not. For example, it is not uncommon for claims of a 24/7/365 SOC to be applied to services that are not eye’s on glass, which is an over reach. In these cases, SOC Services may be applied during normal shifts, but not 24/7/365, although alarm monitoring may be.

HackNo’s MDR Cyber Security Solution is a true 24/7/365 operation with eyes on glass.

MDR Cyber Security may also be known as Managed Threat Detection and Response Cyber Security (MTDR):

MDR Cyber Security

MTDR Cyber Security

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