HackNo can find Outsourced Cyber Security experts for you:

  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Cyber Security Specialist

  • Cyber Security Architect

  • Cyber Security Technologist

  • Chief Information Security Officer

With HackNo you can:

  • Hire one or many staff

  • Brand as your own business

  • Have dedicated working areas

HackNo has available:

  • Part Time Outsourced Staff
    Augmentation Solutions

  • Full Time Outsourced Staff
    Augmentation Solutions

HackNo has transparent:

  • Recruitment Fees

  • Management Fees

HackNo Staff Are:

  • Located in the Philippines, keeping staff augmentation and BPO staff outsourcing costs low.

  • Proficient in English.

  • Well looked after so you can keep the star performers in your team.

HackNo offers flexible Outsourced Cyber Security Staffing Solutions and wants to engage with you to understand your needs so we can resource you with the best available outsourced talent.

Contact HackNo today for a no obligation chat.

Cyber Security Experts Your Way

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Not all Cyber Security experts are created equal and you want to make sure you get the best.

The Philippines has many Cyber Security experts, usually starting off in a small operation before working their way up to an Outsource Staff Augmentation like HackNo.

Regardless of what talent you are after, HackNo can assist you. Not all roles are listed here but some potential include:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • Cyber Security Architect
  • Cyber Security Technologist
  • Chief Information Security Office

Whether you are after someone to run vulnerability and risk assessments or even someone with the capability to implement a risk management framework like COBIT, ITIL, ISO 27001/2 or NIST, then BPO IT can help you.

Start by assessing available talent

The starting point is to advertise for your Cyber Security expert, which HackNo will manage for you, but first, just like you do back home, you write the ad needed to help us attract the talent you want.

HackNo and BPO IT have experienced IT HR Managers to drive the hiring process and ensure that you get the skilled talent that you need. Our experts will assist with editing the ad for local flair.

Whatever your requirements of a Cyber Security Specialist, work with HackNo and BPO IT and we will find the best available talent and augment a skilled Outsourced Cyber Security Specialist into your team, your way.

Team Collaboration

If you need it load it. You can load any tools you need onto your workstation. Some common requests have included:

  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Skype

If your collaboration tool isn’t listed here, don’t stress, HackNo likely has experience with your preferred collaboration tool, just reach out and we can assist.

At HackNo and BPOIT we understand that high performing staff are built on trust, which when combined with collaboration will allow your business to achieve outstanding results from your outsourced team.

Because HackNo and BPOIT want you to succeed our services extend to helping you onboard, maintain and retain your outsourced staff.

Structure your team how you want

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Staff, Management, HR whatever you feel you need
in the Philippines to manage your team, HackNo can set it up for you

How HackNo helps you with outsourced staff augmentation



HackNo aims to hire the best talent for you. For this reason, HackNo has a successful

Recruitment process in place from initial phone screening right through to final placement and keeps you involved on the journey.


Tailored Solutions

HackNo exists to support you. This means HackNo are prepared to tailor solutions to meet your needs, be that a stand-alone office, team structure, or a single off shore employee.

HackNo has you covered.


Remote Management Systems

HackNo’s Remote Management System (RMS) empowers you to manage your team remotely and offers assistance when needed.


ICT Systems

HackNo has in place ICT Systems to help all users from the single outsourced resource through to the large enterprise.


Multiple Locations

With multiple locations across the Philippines HackNo is able to source the best candidates and retain them over the long term.



You’ve spent money on your recruit, likely invested time in training them in the way of your business, now let’s make sure that they stay.

Why You Should Use HackNo Outsourcing Staff Augmentation Services


Lower Labour and Office Costs

HackNo is based out of the Philippines.

The Philippines has a low cost of labour and low office space cost, often up to 75% cheaper than for a comparable role back home, making your business more competitive.


The Right Talent

Experience counts in getting what you need done well.

HackNo will work with you to get the right staff employed.

Then once they are onboarded, HackNo with your help will help you with any needs for training and retaining your staff.


Transparent Pricing

For Outsourced Staff Augmentation, HackNo has a fully transparent pricing model where you are charged for labour, on costs and resourcing costs separately.

This provides clarity and assurance that you are getting value for money.


Full HR / Payroll and Reporting

HackNo supports you with Full HR, Payroll and Reporting Systems. Including our Remote Monitoring Tool.

This means that you can hire the staff you need; ensure they are paid and manage your team remotely without hassle, but also with the support of HackNo if needed.


Effective Remote Management

HackNo provides you with a Remote Management Tool.

However, you are not on your own. HackNo’s management is focused on helping you acquire and retain staff, drive performance and keep staff engaged.

HackNo’s goal is to help you be successful and grow with us.


You're in Control

The person you hire is your team member.

You are in control of all aspects of their employment.

Including training, pay increases and promotions.

Just like you are with your team back home.


No Fixed Term Contracts

HackNo only requires

Two months payment in advance

30-day invoicing terms

120-days’ notice to terminate the engagement of any employee.


Talent Retention

HackNo wants your business to be successful, grow fast and scale when needed.

Hiring the right talent is the important first step. Retaining the Right talent is equally as important.

HackNo focuses on helping you retain staff to keep your business growing.

Client Focused Teamwork

Our Focus
  • Facilities
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Retention & Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • IT Infrastructure

Maintaining & Supporting the best talent available

Dedicated Employees

Your Focus
  • Performance Management
  • Workflow
  • Training & Development
  • Personal Selection






Remote Teams

Cyber Security Staffing Solutions - Remote Teams

In the modern work environment, we are used to workers being remote.

HackNo was uniquely positioned to manage an event like the 2019/2020 COVID19 pandemic because staff are already used to working remotely and can continue working uninterrupted, while you continue to focus on your core business.

HackNo works to ensure your business success and that means being available as needed, regardless of the challenges. HackNo’s staff can work remotely, in fact, like your local staff, we allow the occasional WFH day which helps staff manage life and helps staff retention. Which ultimately helps HackNo serve you better.

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