Data BackUp with Cyber Security Protection

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  • Provides optimal incident recovery of your data, apps, and system
  • Has advanced protection against Malware and Ransomware
  • Has file sync and share with uncompromised security and flexible storage
  • One solution for any workload
  • Cost-effective with no infrastructure investments
  • Security compliant data centers and storage

Included services

  • Encrypted backups support
  • Multiple networks support
  • Protection for on-premises and cloud workloads
  • Application-level replication
  • Removal of any embedded Malware
  • Removal of any embedded Ransomware
  • Security and Management
  • Infrastructure and devices auto-discovery
  • Hard drive health control
  • Data protection map
  • Rescue with bootable media
  • Forensic information in backups
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Power of Integration


One Vendor

Ensures seamless, fully integrated protection


One License

Simplifies the budgeting and purchasing cycle


One Agent

Boosts performance and avoids endpoint-agent conflicts


One Backend

Reduces the infrastructure requirements needed


One Console

Enables faster reactions, without switching tools


One Experience

Provides a single, familiar interaction for staff

Why There is a Need to Integrate Cyber Security with Data Protection?

No one can tell when disaster will strike

It’s better to have a plan and be one step ahead

Backing up data and setting up a data recovery site have been an industry standard for years.

Data recovery is a target of malware and ransomware in a type of attack that deletes your backups and shadow copies so you will not be able to restore or recover data during a ransomware attack without payment of the ransom

Sophisticated attacks are the reason why HackNo have integrated Cyber Security to your backups

HackNo’s Data BackUp and Data Protection solution is safeguarded from malware and ransomware.

100% data availability with HackNo

How Do We Integrate Cybersecurity in Backups?

Data Back-Up - Identfy


Discover infrastructure and devices
Assess vulnerabilities
Generate data protection map

Data Back-Up - Protect


Remote agent installation
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Unified protection policies management

Data Back-Up - Detect


Defenses against Malware/Ransomware
Hard drive health control
Dashboards and reports

Data Back-Up - Respond


Patch management integrated with backup
Malware quarantine
Rescue with bootable media

Data Back-Up - Recover


Recover Backup and Disaster Recovery
Forensic information in backups
Remote desktop

Why you should choose HackNo

#1 HackNo's Data Centers are Secure and Compliant

#2 HackNo Ensures Your Data are Secure

Privacy is our top priority, only you can access your data

HackNo data centers identify all the incoming data with your account. Only you can access the data in every operation you need to perform.

Your privacy is one of our top priorities.

Your data is encrypted even before it is sent

HackNo’s solutions encrypt your data with government-approved AES-256 encryption, ensuring data remains confidential, before sending it over to our managed data centers.

Highly secure data centres

Physical security is ensured via high fences, 24×7 security personnel, and video surveillance with 90-day archiving.

Biometric hand-geometry scan and proximity key card are required for access.

#3 Data Centers are Everywhere

HackNo has multiple data centers across the world that are used for management and data storage.

If a data center is not present in a certain country, it is possible to configure alternative storage locations.

Whether these are at your own data center or a supported public cloud such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

data centers everywhere


Data BakUp Disaster Recovery - Stable


Data BakUp Disaster Recovery - Reliable


Data BakUp Disaster Recovery - Flexible


Data BakUp Disaster Recovery - Transparent


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    Remote Teams

    Data BakUp Disaster Recovery - Remote Teams

    In the modern work environment, we are used to workers being remote.

    HackNo was uniquely positioned to manage an event like the 2019/2020 COVID19 pandemic because staff are already used to working remotely and can continue working uninterrupted, while you continue to focus on your core business.

    HackNo works to ensure your business success and that means being available as needed, regardless of the challenges. HackNo’s staff can work remotely, in fact, like your local staff, we allow the occasional WFH day which helps staff manage life and helps staff retention. Which ultimately helps HackNo serve you better.

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