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Penetration Testing Solutions

HackNo has effective and affordable Penetration Testing Solutions.

An ethical Penetration Test (or “Pentest”) is an authorized attack against your IT systems to identify and exploit their security weaknesses, in order to evaluate the real-world risks they pose to your business.

The goal of a Pentest is to proactively uncover your weakest links and identify the extent of damage a real malicious attacker could cause your business.

Pentesting can involve the attempted breaching of any number of application systems, (e.g., application protocol interfaces (APIs), frontend/backend servers) to uncover vulnerabilities, such as un-sanitized inputs that are susceptible to code injection attacks.

Insights provided by the penetration test can be used to fine-tune your WAF security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities.

Pentesting also satisfies some of the compliance requirements for security auditing procedures, including PCI DSS and SOC 2.

HackNo’s pentesters are certified and independent of all other services to ensure little-to-no prior knowledge of how client’s systems are secured to remove both bias and also to expose blind spots missed by the developers who built the system.

To save Your Sanity, Your Time and Your Money HackNo has acquired the services of leading penetration testers to assist clients in improving their Cyber Security posture.

HackNo covers a broad range of Pentesting, of which only a few options are presented here.

If you have a need not mentioned, please ask HackNo to respond to any scope requirements.

Should you require penetration testing, please reach out for a specific quote.

HackNo has Pentesters that can cover all aspects of pentesting. If you have a need, ask.


Network Security Audit Penetration Testing

Network Security Audit

A Network Security Audit is an audit of all your network systems to make sure that potential security risks are eliminated or minimized.

Cloud, servers, routers, workstations, gateways, must all be checked to make sure they are secure and safe and aren’t sharing any sensitive information.

HackNo’s Network security audit methodology is based on extensive professional experience and information system security assessment best practices gathered from:

– the Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (“OSSTMM”)

– the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) Special publication 800-115: Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment

– the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (“PTES”), and the Open Web Application Security Project (“OWASP”) Testing Guide v4.0.


Application Pentest

The objective of the assessment is to identify vulnerabilities in the application and use manual testing techniques to verify their existence. These assessments are most successful when clients share all known information with the consultant; however, the client can elect to share less information.

HackNo follows a highly-structured methodology to ensure a thorough test of the application and its environment is conducted.

Our methodology uses a phased approach, consisting of information gathering, testing, verification, and notification.

HackNo follows industry best practice methodologies when performing application security testing activities.

Such methodologies include:
– Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)
– Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide
– The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-115




IoT Pentest

Complete security assessment and penetration testing of IoT and Smart devices by our subject matter experts to reveal any possible security flaws that might lead to a security breach of your device.

Special Services
– ATM Audit
– MPLS Audit
– SS7 Telco Pentest



Stress Testing & DoS Simulation

Verify the stability & reliability of the system under extremely heavy load conditions.



Secure Software Development Partner

Integrate Cyber Security into Your Product Development. We are cybersecurity engineers with expertise in software product development and we can help you build your secure product.



Other Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Test – Web Penetration Testing involves methodological series of steps aimed at gathering information about the target system, finding vulnerabilities or faults in them, researching for exploits that will succeed against those faults or vulnerabilities and compromise the web application.

Application Penetration Test – Application Penetration Testing involves methodological series of steps aimed at gathering information about the target system, finding vulnerabilities or faults in them, researching for exploits that will succeed against those faults or vulnerabilities and compromise the web application.

Firewall Penetration Test – Firewall Penetration Testing is one of the most useful of a set of alternatives for evaluating the security effectiveness of a firewall. A major advantage of firewall testing is being able to empirically determine how secure a firewall is against attacks that are likely to be launched by network intruders. This article advances the view that firewall testing should examine not only the ability of a firewall to resist attacks from external sources, but also the defences of the entire network that the firewall protects against external threats. Accordingly, testing should follow a systematic methodology to ensure that it is complete and appropriate, and to reduce the risk of damage and/or disruption to networks and hosts within.

External Penetration Test – An External Penetration Test researches and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities that could be performed by an external user without proper access and permissions. An internal penetration test is similar to a vulnerability assessment, however, it takes a scan one step further by attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities and determine what information is actually exposed.

Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST) – DAST is the testing of the application while it is being progressed to find the security vulnerabilities.

Open-Box Penetration Test – In an Open-Box Penetration Test, the hacker will be provided with some information ahead of time regarding the target company’s security info.

Closed-Box Penetration Test – Also known as a ‘single-blind’ test, this is one where the hacker is given no background information besides the name of the target company.

Covert Penetration Test – Also known as a ‘double-blind’ pentest, this is a situation where almost no one in the company is aware that the pentest is happening, including the IT and security professionals who will be responding to the attack. For covert tests, it is especially important for the hacker to have the scope and other details of the test in writing beforehand to avoid any problems with law enforcement.

Internal Penetration Test –  In an Internal Penetration Test, the ethical hacker performs the test from the company’s internal network. This kind of test is useful in determining how much damage a disgruntled employee can cause from behind the company’s firewall.



Our security engineers are certified with:
– CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional
– Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)
– CompTIA Pentest+
– Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC)
– Offensive Security Certificated Professional OSCP
– Offensive Security Web Exploitation (OSWE AVAE)
– Certified Ethical Hacker
– CISM Certification Security Manager
– Nexpose NACA Certified Administrator
– Nexpose Certified Administrator
– Fortinet – Network Security Associate
– CCNA CISCO Certified Routing and Switching
– AZ-900|Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
– GCP|Google Associate Cloud Engineer
– Cisco – Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
– CREST CPSA certification
– Splunk – Core Certified User

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, also commonly known as a pen test or ethical hacking, is an authorized simulated cyber attack on a computer system or network

Penetration Testing is used to evaluate the security of the system; this is not to be confused with a vulnerability assessment

A Penetration Test is used to identify weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities) and Strengths of a Cyber Security System

Do I need a Penetration Testing?

A Penetration Test is a great way to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your existing Cyber Security Systems

If you have valuable IP, Records and Data that you want to keep isolated from Threat Actors a Penetration test is a value asset in your tool kit to use to evaluate your Cyber Security Posture

Penetration Tests are highly recommended


Choosing a Penetration Testing Provider

It can be confusing, selecting a Penetration Testing Service provider

The good news is that HackNo has done the hard work for you

HackNo has built a Qualified, Expert, Efficient and Affordable Penetration Testing Team in line with our goals of saving Your Sanity, Your Time and Your Money, so you don’t have to

Saving Your Sanity

HackNo undertakes Penetration testing based on your scope of works and then reports results back to you

So, you can be Focused on Your Business and not be distracted by Penetration Testing tasks and Cyber Security concerns

Saving Your Time

Busy? We know you are

HackNo’s team exists to assist you and your team

HackNo’s Expert Penetration Testing team can undertake a wide scope of Penetration Testing Services, so you have a Penetration Testing Team available on hand when needed

Saving Your Money

Expert Penetration testing need not be expensive

Like all of HackNo’s services, Penetration Testing is built around saving our clients money. HackNo has built an affordable Penetration testing team that is available at market leading rates, saving your money


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