retention illustration 1

HackNo exists purely because our customers trust us to find and retain talent.

For this reason, HackNo invests into ensuring staff stay.

HackNo has created employee work environments that help employees feel engaged, part of the family and stay.

It’s one of the reasons why HackNo operates in a number of locations. One of the biggest retention factors in the Philippines is time travelled to get to work.

Did you know that it isn’t uncommon for workers to travel 2 hours or more to work and again to get home in the Philippines?

Shorter commutes mean higher retention.

HackNo is focused on employee retention which means getting every employee engaged by building an inclusive workplace culture that is fair, inclusive and rewards performance to ensure employees can work to their highest potential that ultimately reduces churn.

For this reason, HackNo has a compassionate management approach that reinforces that while we may have different off shore employees that we are all part of a team working towards a common goal, satisfied off shore clients.

At HackNo employees are given the best tools and empowered so they can make a meaningful impact for your business and ours.

retention illustration 1